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 Clearwater AYSO Needs You!

Did you know that about 150 kids participate in Clearwater’s AYSO program?  Providing a positive and organized environment for all these players requires many volunteers each doing their part.  Every year we have many open positions - for coaches, assistant coaches, referees, field managers, and more. If you want to contribute even just a little bit of your time, we need you!  There is nothing so fulfilling as watching kids learn and grow, and your kids will remember your involvement for years to come. Your help WILL make a difference

Q. But I don't know anything about soccer?

A. You don't have to, most people just starting with AYSO knew very little about the game. All you need is a positive attitude.

Q: What about training?

A: AYSO will give you all the tools and classes necessary; plus many contacts to ask questions.


About 20 teams play every Fall in Clearwater AYSO.  That means 20 coaches and 20 assistant coaches are needed.  As a coach you will motivate, congratulate, teach, encourage, drill, console, strategize, lead, and mentor a small group of children or young adults for 10-12 weeks.  Even if you have no soccer experience, AYSO will help teach you the principles of the game and how to coach young kids to have fun and learn soccer.   Sign up to be a coach at registration.  If you don't have time to be a head coach, then become an assistant coach!  You'll learn about the game and you'll likely love it so much you'll become a coach next year.


"The task of the Referee is to assure the maximum enjoyment of everyone present at the game."
Ken Aston (1915 – 2001)

Without referees there would be no game.  Referees enforce the laws of the game and help assure that sportsmanship counts as much as points on the board.  Every game is worked by 1-3 referees and each referee typically refs 10 games per season.   That means we need basically as many referees as coaches and assistant coaches if not more!  Sign up to be a referee at registration!  You'll learn more about soccer than you thought there was to know!

Field Maintenance

OK, so maybe you're still not sure you're ready to coach or referee a game.  That's fine.  We still have opportunities for you.  Every week we need to make sure the fields are in good conditions for the games.  We check the nets and the goals, but the biggest job is to mark the lines on the fields.  After all, it's pretty tough to play when you can't see the lines.  This is pretty easy job to do, and it goes pretty fast with just a few people doing it.  On game day, we need someone to set out the corner flags at the beginning of the day and someone to put them up after the last game. 

Other Volunteers

Even if you don't have a clue about soccer and hate being outside, we can still use your help in running the organization and making AYSO a positive experience for all our youngsters! Clearwater AYSO has specific needs for the following volunteers:

  • Sponsor Coordinator
  • Asst Regional Coach Administrator
  • Registration Day Assistance

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